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  • Regina M. Daigre | Day 20 of 40 Days

Journey Without a Destination

Welcome to Day 20 of our 40-day countdown to Easter! Journey Without A Destination. When you take a road trip, do you take the shortest route or the scenic route? Do you like to make unexpected stops? Do you like to stop and eat dinner? Or, visit a museum? If you do, you must have a lot of time on your hands. Like the children of Israel, what should have taken 11 days, give or take, took 40 years.

Why? The Israelites (children of Israel) were being punished for their disobedience and doubting God. The Israelites repeatedly disobeyed and doubted God. The Israelites made nearly 50 stops on their way to the Promised Land after leaving Egypt. They were sightseeing and God was getting rid of those who were not willing and obedient.

The Israelites disobedience frustrated Moses so much until he, too, disobeyed God. There’s a lesson for leaders to learn here. No matter how disobedient or doubtful the people become, as a leader, you must always obey God.

God told Moses to speak to the rock because He wanted the children of Israel to witness yet another divine intervention. Instead, Moses hit the rock (Read Numbers 20:1-13). Because of Moses disobedience, God did not allow him to go into the Promised Land (Deuteronomy 34:4). God expects the leaders that He chooses to obey him and not man. Leaders are accountable to God.

The disobedient takes the long route. Disobedience causes doubt and unbelief. Disobedience will cause you to turn your back on your leader. Disobedience will cause you to build idols and worship them instead of worshiping God. Disobedience and fear are death penalties. The disobedient and fearful did not go into the Promised Land.

Don’t spend the next 40 years of your life disobeying God.

Don’t spend the next 40 months of your life disobeying God.

Don’t spend the next 40 days of your life disobeying God.

Don’t spend the next 40 hours of life disobeying God.

Don’t spend the next 40 minutes of your life disobeying God.

Don’t spend the next 40 seconds of your life disobeying God.

Disobedience will take you on a journey without a destination. And, fear will be your sidekick to make sure you remain lost.


Listen to “Do It Again” by Elevation Worship: to refresh your soul.


Father God, I ask you to forgive me of my sins. Cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I repent of doubt, unbelief, and disobedience. Holy Spirit, fill my heart with faith by God’s holy word, in the name of Jesus, amen.

~inspiring hope & seasoning faith, Dr. Regina M. Daigre

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