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Church Logo


I searched for a symbol to represent hope, but everything I found just wasn’t it. The symbol had to express what God had placed in my heart. It had to be an expression of restoring hope. It had to be alive, active and it had to speak something to the person looking at it.


God allowed my path to cross with Cullen Washington, a young and talented visionary artist. As we talked, I realized he could see what I was describing. After six months of work in prayer, talking and returning to the drawing board, God directed Cullen’s artistry in producing this logo. Eureka! When we saw it, we knew this was it!


It isn’t so abstract that you don’t know what it is, and it isn’t so boxy that it locks out imagination. Yet, it is whatever the viewer needs to see. It has no face because it can be who ever the viewer needs to see.


It is the rejoicing of a person whose hope has been restored. It is you, the reader. It is you, the viewer. It is you, seeing yourself the way God wants to see you. Look at it, ponder it, dream a little – what do you see? Look closely, and tell us, what do YOU see?


Pastor Sean Daigre, Sr.

The inspiration for this logo is to illustrate the essence of what High Hopes mean. The strokes of the images are an upward and outward expression of energy, joy and love. The position of the arms and hands and the arch of the back suggest motion and are almost animated.


The logo itself outlines the faceless, nameless figure which the viewer could see as him or herself reveling in God’s light. The purpose is to express an explosive happiness, freedom and spirituality that inspires hope and season faith.


Cullen Washington, Jr., Artist


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