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  • Sean A. Daigre, Sr. | Day 16 of 40 Days

Connection Power

Welcome to Day 16 of our 40-Day countdown to Easter 2019! Connection Power. The Bible speaks of the shield of faith in Ephesians 6. It has the ability to quench or extinguish the fiery darts of our spiritual enemy.

In the days of the Roman army storming strongholds and conquering, we are often reminded of the archers who lined the top fortressed city walls ready to unleash their fury with sharp flaming arrows. Not only would these arrows find their targets and continue to burn, they would cause excruciating pain and death. But the reputation of the Roman army could not be underestimated. They had a maneuver that made those dangerous arrows completely ineffective. They would lift their shields above their heads and interlock them, to form a protective covering that stopped every fiery dart! The power of connection is amazing and when properly applied, that power is an essential part of our lives!

In John 19:25-27, we see Jesus, just before his death on the cross, committing the care of his mother to John. According to verse 27, from that moment on, John took Mary into his home and cared for her. John was favored by Jesus and is described in the Bible as "the beloved disciple". In other words, Jesus had a connection of trust, dependability and Godly live with John. As a result, that connection became the protective covering that Mary needed in the absence of her elder son.

Here you see the necessity of connection. He created us to connect, love and support one another in time of need.

As you go through your day, remember to maneuver like the Roman army, raise your shield, interlock with family, friends and neighbors, and quench the fiery darts that this world continually fires at you. You will find the power of connection to be one necessity you cannot afford to ignore.

Father in heaven, grant us the wisdom and the creative skill to connect with others. Anoint us to build a bridge of faith to our family, friends and neighbors. Let those bridges become the connecting points that we need to reflect your glory in the Earth. Stir our hearts to interlock our shields so that we may experience the power of connection. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Inspiring hope and seasoning Faith, Pastor Sean

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