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  • Sean A. Daigre, Sr. | Day 9 of 40 Days

A Moment of Grace

Welcome to Day 9 of our 40 day countdown to Easter 2019! A Moment of Grace. Helping someone in need doesn't have to be dramatic, eye-catching or impressive. Just follow your heart. Let the Lord quietly lead you. I read a story in the Huffington Post about a man at a restaurant who noticed several soldiers having dinner together. He didn't want to draw attention to himself by walking up and saying, "Thank you for your service." It's a nice sentiment but it's done so much that he wasn't sure it really extended the genuine gratitude he felt for those who have chosen to help others by putting their lives on the line.

John 15:13, Jesus said, "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."

When the soldiers were ready to pay for their meal, the waiter said someone who wants to remain anonymous, has already paid your bill. The men looked back all around the restaurant, seeing so many faces but unsure of who had just showed them a meaningful act of kindness and one of them said, "Whoever you are, thank you." Their benefactor simply smiled and whispered to himself, "You are the ones who really deserve the thanks". According to the article, the man said he never forgot that "moment of grace" and how it was to show an act of kindness with no need for recognition.

The thief who defended Jesus while on the cross said "remember me, when you come into your kingdom." (Luke 23:42-43) That can be described as a moment of grace because without fanfare or recognition, he recognized the sacrifice and acknowledged the reality of who Jesus is. He showed an act of kindness to Jesus and Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

Sometimes the best help we can give ourselves is the help we give to someone else. Doing acts of kindness by quietly helping someone or expressing gratitude will produce moments of grace for you too!

Dear Father, I thank you for showing me how to express gratitude and give assistance to others. Give me a heart full of grace to shower greater love on those who are in need. Give me sight to see and bless those who have not been acknowledged or appreciated. Grow in me a brand-new desire to show acts of kindness to others, whether I know them or not, and without the need for recognition. I welcome and look for opportunities to create moments of grace for me and any other person You put in my path. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

~Inspiring hope and seasoning Faith, Pastor Sean

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