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  • Regina M. Daigre | Day 2 of 21 Days Fall 2018

Family, Friends, and Foes

Day 2 of 21 Days of Prayer How to recognize people who have your back...People who have your back will pray for you according to God's word. They don't pray what they have in mind but they pray the mind of Christ.

They rejoice when you rejoice.

They encourage you when you need encouragement.

They always see the good in you even when no one else does.

They bring positive energy to the room.

They give more and take less.

They pour out grace [Titus 3:6].

How to recognize toxic people…

Toxic people, those who do not have your back, will come to comfort you when things are going bad in your life but on the inside they are rejoicing over your downfall.

Toxic people are not necessarily your foes.

You know your real enemies but toxic people can sometimes go undetected.

They are like the Klingons. They cloak when they get close to your enterprise.

The toxicity of their presence leaves you feeling empty.

Toxic people can sometimes look like your family and friends.

They take more and give less.

They get excited when they see you struggle.

They seek opportunities to defame your character.

They are more excited when you're broke than when you're blessed.

And, they will never encourage you because it hurts them to see you prosper.

Toxic people pray to ask God to change you into who they think you should be. This is witchcraft.

Toxic people use seduction to escort believers into idolatry, which leads to destructive behaviors.

Toxic people see you not as God sees you but they see you through the lens of how they see themselves. In other words, they see you with what they have in mind [idolatry] and not with what God has in mind.

The epitome of toxicity is to believe what you have in mind is what God has in mind.

The lesson to learn is that you can never go beyond how you see yourself or anything else until you give up what you have in mind.

Don’t worship thoughts (what you have in mind) that are not His thoughts [Isaiah 55:8-9].

Idolatry blocks grace, but God gives grace to the humble [I Peter 5:5-6].

Whatever you’re going through today, remember God’s got your back. He will lift you up in due time.

You may be surrounded 99 to 1 but the mighty hand of God is more powerful than the 99 that are against you.

He will bring you out of the prison into the palace in the blink of an eye because He has your back.

Stay humble.

Remain grateful.

Pray for your enemies.

Pour out grace abundantly.

Dr. Regina M Daigre

P.S.: Read Genesis Chapters 37 through Chapter 50

Recommended Movie: The Bible Stories: Joseph. Purchase on Amazon

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