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Sure Up!

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Greetings! In response to several requests for prayer, we will continue to share a weekly post to Prayer Firewall. So, here's a word of encouragement for this week.

If you’re still in the race, you’re not defeated. God wants you to know that faith forsakes the impossibilities and clings to God’s possibilities. It’s time to hope against hope. Breathe life on that mere possibility. So, get up and pray through while you follow through.

Faith shows up when we sure up.

12 Facts about Faith

  1. Faith comes with instructions.

  2. Faith listens.

  3. Faith obeys.

  4. Faith trusts.

  5. Faith takes action.

  6. Faith expects.

  7. Faith is unquestionable.

  8. Faith is indisputable.

  9. Faith is guaranteed.

  10. Faith is definite.

  11. Faith reveals hidden strength.

  12. Faith shows up when we sure up. (Genesis 22: 1-18)

Have a faith-filled weekend!

~Inspiring Hope, Seasoning Faith,

Pastor Sean & Dr. Regina Daigre

P.S.: So you may ask...What is a Prayer Firewall? It is God's system designed to block unauthorized access to your life while permitting outward communication to God himself. It is designed to prevent or inhibit the spread of sin and ineffectiveness in your life. Prayer Firewall will ignite your soul to live a purposeful life, a life that honors God.

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