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  • Pastor Sean A. Daigre | Day 15 of 21 Days 2019

The Power of Vision

Day 15 of 21 Days of Prayer. The Power of Vision. Today, we celebrate an historical figure, Dr. Martin Luther King. In addition to being a historical figure of the Civil Rights era in America, he was an avid writer and speaker. One of his best known speeches is his "I Have A Dream" speech. It was a written description of the vision that God gave him of how one day race relations would be different. He was so moved, so inspired, that he endured extreme persecution and loss of life for the vision. He fulfilled Habakkuk 2:2 by writing the vision and making it plain, easily understood by all willing to pay attention. Once it was heard, it has continued to ring in the heart and soul of the country, so loudly that it has spoken and continues to speak. That's the power of vision!

In the book of Genesis, another historical figure impacted the world because of a dream. Chapter 37:5 says, "Now Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it to his brothers, and they hated him even more."

From that point on, every significant event in Joseph's life was affected by dreams. From landing him in the pit to being sold by his brothers into slavery, to interpreting Pharaoh's dream that promoted him to the second most powerful man in Egypt, Joseph did not waver or doubt the vision God gave him. By staying true to the vision, God was able to use him to save his family and an entire nation. That's the power of vision!

2019 is Your Year to Experience the Power of Vision!

"And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:.." Joel 2:28 KJV


A vision will solve a problem.

What can you do easily that is difficult for others to do?

A vision is a seed for an appointed time.

A seed must be buried and hidden before it is released. In other words, turn your dreams and vision over to God.

Go through the process of germination to strengthen the vision.

A vision will speak once it is written.

A vision speaks to the future and is manifested in the future.

A vision comes with exposure and promotion.

You will be exposed to things that will challenge you with your new promotion. Rev up your prayer life to counterattack the enemies of your vision.

A vision benefits others to make their lives better.

That's the power of vision!


What problem has God called you to solve? Is it...A picture of good health? A blueprint of building or restoring healthy relationships? A dream of financial peace? Maybe it's a vision to have stronger faith.

Whether your goals are physical, relational, financial, spiritual or all of these, if the vision is drawn from Godly values, He will make His power available to you. But you must acknowledge His presence in everything you are doing.

Take today to talk to God about the vision for 2019. If your goals are rooted in God's desire to see you prosper and be healthy even as your soul prospers (3 John 2), strength and peace will be the monikers of your success.

You will not fail.

You will succeed!


Heavenly Father, today I acknowledge Your presence in all of my dreams and plans. If I am seeking anything that is not Your will, help me to reconstruct the vision so that You are at the center of it all. I let go of my desire to be in control and yield my will to Your guiding hand. When I don't want to take the next step, or maybe I'm not disciplined enough follow through, speak to me and I will obey. Open my eyes to see the vision as fresh today as it was when You first gave it to me. Even if it takes longer than I expected, my faith and hope is in You. I trust You and depend on Your ability to bring the vision to pass. Thank you for trusting me with the power of vision! In Jesus's name, Amen!

Inspiring Hope and Seasoning Faith, Pastor Sean Daigre, Sr.

P.S.: Click to read Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

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