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Purpose for Fasting

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

The purpose of fasting is to deny the flesh and enhance our spirit by developing a deeper prayer life (Luke 2:37) and developing a lifestyle of servant leadership (Isaiah 58:8-9).

Prayer and fasting should be done together so that you can grow deeper in your relationship to God. However, fasting is not to get skinny or punish the flesh but to focus on God. Even if you're not able to fast due to medical reasons, prayer will take you to a deeper level with God.

Fasting helps you to develop a lifestyle of servant leadership as described in Isaiah 58:8-9. Fasting encourages a desire to help others by first creating an attitude of humility beginning with yourself. Then, fasting loosens the chains of injustice, breaks yokes, liberates the oppressed, feeds the hungry, provides for the poor, and clothes the naked. All of these actions require that we take our eyes off ourselves and focus on how we can serve others. This list is not comprehensive. As you pray, the Lord will reveal to you how you can serve others with love.

~inspiring hope & seasoning faith, Dr. Regina Daigre

P.S.: What do you think?

God's MEGA LOVE for you is so strong that he gave his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, so that you could be free from sin and have eternal life. God wants you to live an abundant life that begins with accepting his son as your savior (John 3:16). Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, was crucified, buried, and rose again?

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