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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Everybody dies in Adam but we all have the opportunity to come alive in Christ. Adam was of the earth, a dirt man, but Christ is from heaven so we can all be heavenly. Gardening is symbolic of the resurrection because it’s a physical manifestation of death and a resurrection. You cannot guess what a seed will look like by looking at its seed. But, plant an okra seed in the soil and what grows out of the ground doesn’t look like anything that was planted. That’s the power of the resurrection. Jesus’s dead body went in the grave but what came out of the grave had dramatically changed.


Same Seed—Same Body—Different Outcome


Jesus went in the grave as a pre-resurrection seed but came out of the grave as a glorious, powerful, and anointed man, a Savior for all of mankind.  Jesus went in the grave looking beat down but came up glorious. Jesus was put in the ground as a weak seed but came up like a powerful plant.


Jesus’s enemies beat and killed him. His natural body was placed in a grave but the body that came out of the grave was supernatural. The same seed, the same body—went down in physical immortality but came up as spiritual immortality.


Dramatically Different


The first Adam received life but the Second Adam, Jesus Christ, gives life through his life-giving Spirit.


  • As a sinner, hate went down in the grave but love came up out of the grave.

  • As a sinner, selfishness went down in the grave but a servant spirit came up out of the grave.

  • As a sinner, timidity went down in the grave but leadership came up out of the grave.


The resurrection says we are dramatically different from what we were before we buried our old life and took up a new life with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


The resurrection says death may grip you but death cannot hold you. The resurrection says sickness may touch you but sickness cannot keep you. The resurrection says we are delivered. The resurrection says we are free. The resurrection says we are forgiven.


In one victorious stroke, Jesus wrote a check and wiped out our debt of sin, guilt, and death so that we could be free.


As believers in Christ Jesus,


  • The resurrection under-girds what we do.

  • The resurrection under-girds what we say.

  • The resurrection under-girds how we live.


In the end, we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed (1 Corinthians 5:51). 


"The Resurrection"is why we live.


~inspiring hope & seasoning faith through Jesus Christ so that people will learn to love, serve, and lead--Dr. Regina M. Daigre

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