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Updated: Jan 24

Irene Randall McCrea (1941-1980)

As I reflect on motherhood, I am grateful for the women who have made an impact in my life. I am who I am because of many amazing women who have planted seeds of hope in my life. I am grateful to God my heavenly Father. Thank you for sending your only begotten Son so that I may have eternal life.  God, by your Holy Spirit, You stepped in and parted the waters. He moved immovable mountains. I am forever indebted to your unfailing love. When no one else would stand up to the Pharaoh’s in my life, the Holy Spirit was always present. With the Holy Spirit, I was able to cross the Red Sea.

I pay special tribute to my Mother Africa, Irene Randall McCrea, who said to me, “If you can’t sing it, say it”. She called out the gift of inspirational speaking in me. She saw my future. She spoke into my life words of wisdom that are forever embedded in the city of my soul where no virus can penetrate; no hacker can eliminate.

I pay special tribute to Mrs. Lillie Mae Haynes who sparked the desire in me to pursue my education. And to Mrs. Brenda C. Davis, who became my mother of education.

I pay special tribute to the late Mrs. Rosemary Randall, for her strength, steadfastness, wisdom, and constant encouragement. To the late Mrs. Inez Forsyth McCrea who always knew what was best for me.

I pay special to Mrs. Rebecca Underwood for her obedience and faith in God to be there for me during my educational matriculation.

To Juanita Gibson who has loved me unconditionally.

I pay special tribute to Dr. Camille Fareri who was the wind beneath my wings as I pursued the terminal degree. You, Dr. Fareri, made the entire process look easy.

Thank you for standing with me.

I pay special tribute to Dr. Jacqueline Mims, my spiritual big sister of 31 years and counting who has been my friend and counselor in the good times and in the bad times. You’ve imparted decades of wisdom to me. Thank you for never ever giving up on me.

To my Mother-in-law, who gave birth to Sean Daigre, Sr., without you, I would not be married to the most wonderful husband in the world and I would not be the mother of two young men of wisdom, faith, and power.

To my mother-in-law,

the late Mrs. Ivory Daigre,

who always treated me with dignity and respect.

To Mother Benton, my prayer firewall, my defense, my offense, my special team who has imparted to me life’s playbook to live a victorious, honorable, and rich life.

To my biological sisters, who are World Class Mother’s to their families, and to my sister who loves her nieces and nephews like her own.

To my Nieces, Aunts, Cousins, Sister-in-laws, Friends, Colleagues,

To all of the Mothers in this world,

Welcome to My Mother Africa!

Welcome to my special team!

Happy Mother’s Day 2017!

~Inspiring hope & seasoning faith, Dr. Regina M. Daigre

P.S: My Mother Africa is a Mother's Day Special Tribute to the late Mrs. Irene Randall McCrea (August 29, 1941--May 5, 1980) and to the many women who have positively impacted my life.

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